Phishing and Pharming

What is phishing and pharming?

Phishing is a form of criminal activity, usually through e-mail, that attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and account information, by masquerading as a trustworthy business in what looks to be an official communication. Phishing has typically been done by e-mail, but in recent months it has carried over to instant messaging and cell phone text messages. Again these communications typically direct you to a fraudulent website where you are asked to enter personal information.

Pharming takes place when a criminal hacks into your computer and implants hidden software. When you try to log on to a legitimate site, the software takes you to a copycat site, where the crooks gobble up your account numbers and other personal information.

Be aware that New Carlisle Federal will NEVER request your personal information through e-mail or text messaging. If you receive a request for your personal information, please contact your local branch or send us a message through our secure contact us form. You may also report phishing to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

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